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August 1, 2013

In the documents and in the legislative proposal presented from the European Commetee for the cohesion political 2014-2020, is contained the invitation to provide an “Ambitious Urban Agenda” directed to each member country, which allows to the Citizens Administrations to be directly involved in the elaboration of development strategies, that the proposal of the new regulations of European Regional Development Fund (FESR) provides, in consequence, at least 5% of resources assigned to the nationwide must be destined to Integrate Actions for Sustainable Urban Development delegate to the cities. Furthermore, is predicted a launch of National Operative Programme (PON) which will assign further resources to the 13 Metropolitan Cities.
The five strategic points indicated from European Commission, which forms the core of Urban Agenda are:

1. Limitation of the land consume and urban requalification;
2. Transport Infrastructures and sustainable mobility;
3. European Strategy in the field of weather conditions and energy (less of 20% of the gas emissions to greenhouse effect, more than 20% of energetic efficiency, at least 20% of energetic consumptions from renewable sources within 2020);
4. Culture, University and Smart Cities;
5. Work and Welfare

In accordance with European orientations for the decisive role which the cities have in the productive social innovation and in order to perimeter redefinition of urban policies, the Parliament, in the article 12-bis of the Law August 7 2012, n. 134, has instituted the CIPU and has trusted to this new subject an assignment to promote and organize with municipalities, National Urban Agenda following the realization.

Now, the Territorial Cohesion Department, whose Minister presides the CIPU, is developing the draft of relationship agreement which will sign with European Commission by September.

Immediately after, it will give the start off by elaboration of regional POR and PON , to define the general overview inside of which municipalities advance them proposal planning and relative requests of loan, in accordance with temporal procedure which should be concluded, with the approval of the Urban European Agenda on the part of EC, within the end of current year.
In the Marino Mayor program and in the Council Municipality of Rome start up, especially from the Councillor Giovanni Caudo, there is a great attention on transformation regeneration urban quality subjects and in the program has already been individuated five intervention strategic areas:

1. Tiburtina – Pietralata
2. Roma- Fiumicino
3. Tevere and Aniene
4. Urban Development between Rome and the sea
5. Cultural symbolic functional Integration of the archeological central area with the Appia Antica Park.

Risorse per Roma on the base of knowledge gained and having required technical administrative competence, has been designed from Rome Municipality Urban Transformation Department both feasibility studies with relative projects and technical support to Councillor and his Offices in the development of the interinstituzional operative activities with the specialist thecnical organism.

In order to answer in the better manner to this new challenge with the full promptness, Risorse per Roma has founded the “Ufficio di Scopo”, in this start up phase the office “Ufficio di Scopo” joined to the Urban Development Department, Territorial Promotion, International Projects and Urban Quality, that from August 1st 2013 flow together inside.

Rome Municipality Urban Agenda will guarantee, in the European Commission, Government, Municipality Administration purposes, the urban regeneration interventions to realize the Strategic Intervention Areas This areas should be consistent both with mentioned five strategic points and with the need of merger the public and private resources, since the European Funds are considered additional, however funds assigned to urban development from national regional programs.

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